A lifestyle Blog?

Kristen Lifestyle Blog

Blogging has always been a struggle for me. Years ago I started writing about life, fitness, design and then finally started sharing my artwork. I never got into a consistent routine of blogging because I always put too much pressure on it and never knew what to write about.

With all these recent changes of finding out that we were pregnant and preparing for our first baby, I thought maybe this is the time I start transitioning myself from blogging about just my artwork to a lifestyle blog instead, to show the other side of my life. I love to share my artwork, but often my personal life is what inspires my newest pieces, so what better way than to blend the two?

The past year has been a year of transformation as I went through the ups and downs of moving, adjusting and figuring out who I was. Not many people knew that I went through a rough season of anxiety and depression, except for my husband. Although most people would think it's crazy to air out your dirty laundry or talk about things like this, I feel like we need to. Mental health is so important and with this online world so consumed with living perfect lives, I want to show that life isn't perfect, but it's all about how you perceive it to be. Out of all the struggles that I faced, so much good came out of it. I would love for this blog to be a space to talk openly about certain things in hopes to comfort, support, love and inspire others also.

There's more to life than just work and although I do plan on keeping the majority of our life private, I do want to share bits and pieces to be real and genuine. If this blog fails and no one cares to read it, at least it will become an outlet for myself to just write and feel free as I continue learning and growing as a wife, mother and artist.