25 Weeks

Kristen Laczi Pink Blush Maternity 25 Weeks Pregnant
Kristen Laczi Pink Blush Maternity 25 Weeks Pregnant
Kristen Laczi Pink Blush Maternity 25 Weeks Pregnant

We're nearing the end of week 25 and I can't believe that in 14 weeks we'll be holding our baby boy. This past week I've become more & more emotional (thank you hormones) as his nursery is quickly filling up with cute little outfits and baby essentials from our family and friends. It’s becoming more real each day and I can’t help but wonder how our lives will change once he’s here. The unknown can be a little bit scary, but I have faith that my husband and I will figure things out and rely on each other for strength.

This week I found myself feeling overwhelmed with all the things that I need to get done before baby arrives. I have a couple of freelance projects that I need to wrap up, a commissioned painting and I need to get started on my sisters wedding invitations, all on top of my day job. Not to mention the other baby things that I need to tackle, such as filling out our paperwork for the hospital, picking a pediatrician, and getting things packed and ready for our baby shower in Buffalo. Time feels like it’s going so fast, I wish it would slow down a little. I’m sure everything will get done when it’s supposed to, but my goal is to be completely free from to-do’s by December, so that the whole month I can prepare myself for what is yet to come.

Symptoms this week are minimal. Beside feeling emotional and overwhelmed, heartburn has been the only issue. Sleep has gotten better with additional calcium/magnesium supplements, I feel like it’s actually helped relieve my hip and joint pain! Baby must have been stealing my calcium! haha

No major cravings lately, just the continued sweet tooth. Chocolate always makes the day better. :-)

I’m currently loving my new clothes from PinkBlush. I’ve already gained 30 pounds and their clothing has been awesome for my changing body. In the summer I bought a couple shorts, tops and dresses, and now that it’s easing into fall I’ve been wearing their jeans and long sleeve shirts. Everything is so comfortable and makes me feel beautiful. I’m so glad I stumbled upon them, I can’t say enough good things about their clothing and return/exchange experience. My whole outfit above is from their site!

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