New Year, New Me

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It's been super quiet around here lately and it definitely has not been intentional. Since returning back from Buffalo for Christmas my heart just hasn't been the same. I loved spending time with our families but while we were back something shifted and my alignment has been off. It's been hard to get back into my normal routine of creating and I have found myself battling horrible anxiety and panic attacks. 

Last week I finally got myself back into the gym and it was a push that I desperately needed. 2017 was a year of tears, growth and lessons learned. Through every ache and pain, I know I came out stronger and wiser but now I have to take everything that I have felt and learned and apply it to the present. 

Floral Simplicity Art Print by Union Shore
Floral Simplicity by Union Shore

Yesterday I had long chat with one of my friends and it really hit me that I need to let certain things go. Sometimes I live too much in my head and it does nothing to help. Her encouragement meant so much to me and made me feel lighter. I'm at the place in my life where I don't want to look back anymore. Time and energy matters. When you have to force something, it's emotionally draining. This year my goal is to think less and feel more, in every aspect of life. If something feels good, I'll keep doing that, if something feels off maybe it's time to let it go to make room for the new. 

Kristen Laczi Art Print Think Less Feel More

With all these emotions going through me lately I thought it was time that I FINALLY design and set up an inspirational home office. I've been putting it off but now it's time that I create a space that makes me feel good and makes me happy to be in it. 

Now that it's slowly coming together, I'm finally feeling the spark to paint consistently again! Be sure to check back in on February 1st because I am taking on the challenge of creating 30 paintings in 30 days. Fingers crossed I can push myself through it!

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Golden Hour by Kristen Laczi

Think Less Feel More by Kristen Laczi

Floral Simplicity by Union Shore