Love + Light

As the summer evolves into fall, the sunsets here in Long Island have been out of this world. Last week the hubs and I ventured to the beach after work and we were in awe of how beautiful the view was. I was so bummed out that I didn't bring my paints with me, it was simply magical, but at least I had my phone to capture a couple photos.  

Smith Point Beach Long Island

Being on the beach always calms my soul, heart and mind. Throughout the day my mind is always racing with ideas and plans, but here on the beach is where I can rest and unplug from life. While on the beach this night, two words came to me, love + light

This season that I'm in right now is just that. I'm learning to love more by opening up, letting new people into my life. I've been craving real authentic friendships and some are starting to take form! It's a good feeling to have a couple close women in your life that you can turn to besides your husband. It's an added bonus that we all understand how each other feels because this whole moving thing and readjusting our lives to fit our husbands career change has been anything but easy. I'm so glad that some of the couples are staying here! 

Kristen Love + Light New Painting

I'm also trying to live life simply by living light, purging all unnecessary things in our life. As the days get cooler, the hubs and I are going to go room by room and just start decluttering. Things that don't hold any meaning or things that just take up space, goodbye! 

Kristen Laczi Love + Light

This newest painting, Love + Light is all my recent emotions of happiness and optimism. After going through a recent rough patch there is light at the end of the tunnel. We've been in Long Island for almost a year and it's taken about that same amount of time for me to start opening up about my hopes and fears. Everyday isn't going to be good, but there is good in every day. I'm starting to learn that. 

Kristen Laczi Love + Light

Anyone else experiencing something similar? Things will get better, you just need to have faith and trust that life will take you exactly where you need to be. Everything that breaks us only makes us stronger. 

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