Adventures in Montauk

Kisses in Montauk

One of my favorite places on Long Island is Montauk. It's known for good surf, great lobster rolls and the history goes deep when it comes to Camp Hero State Park. The hubs and I finally got around to exploring the county beaches on Friday. It was the perfect time to explore because everyone is back to school and the crowds have dissipated. We practically had every beach to ourselves! 

Taking a day off to unplug and soak up the sun was just what we needed. We had a great time relaxing and playing ball with our pup. I can't believe the summer is over, it went so much faster than we thought it would. 

As the days get cooler I still hope to adventure around the island more. There is just so much to see! Here is a little snippet of our time in Montauk, such a great day!  

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