Life Lately


I was listening to a podcast the other day and one of the topics was to never take a break from your business. I sat there thinking how unhealthy that was. I guess when your online business is your sole source of income it is important to keep up on it but for me, lately I've pumping the breaks because there is far more happening behind the scenes than just painting pretty things. 

Day to day I'm a graphic designer, and by morning and night I run this little business. It's been blossoming but something has been missing. Right now it feels like I'm in a weird stage of life, wanting it all. I long for real authentic friendships, a family of my own and a successful business that makes money while I sleep. I have no idea how to juggle it all but right now I feel called to actually work less and live more

I still want to work on this little business, but maybe as the seasons change, maybe I slow it down a bit to get to know some new ladies and explore the island more. Making friends hasn't been easy since I work from home, it would be nice to form a couple close relationships and socialize more. 

I always fear that taking a break will set me back, but at this point its so important to actually live and feel part of something bigger. When I return to normal business, I'd love to incorporate real life back into my posts because it feels like blogs and social media have all turned into sales, sales, sales. What ever happened to people being real and authentic? If I read one more blog post about how to run a business or tips & tricks on ways to grow a following, my head might actually explode. 

The say that the days might seem long, but the years are short and I couldn't agree more. We're quickly approaching the end of 2017 and as I reflect the most exciting and memorable moments were spent with family and friends. 

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