Adirondacks 2017

Brown Tract Pond Adirondacks

After a crazy hectic year, the hubs and I were finally able to steal away a couple nights to ourselves, in our favorite place, the Adirondacks! I thought we wouldn't be able to get up there this year, but both of us were feeling a bit of the burn out so we decided it was time to unplug and make time for ourselves. 

Rocky Mountain Eagle Bay Adirondacks
Rocky Mountain Eagle Bay Adirondacks

The whole time we were away, I kept my phone off. I only checked in once to make sure no important messages from family were popping in. It felt so good to unplug and to not be scrolling mindlessly on social media, which usually makes me feel worse. 

Black Bear Mountain Eagle Bay Storm Rolling In Adirondacks
Dax hiking Adirondacks

This trip reminded me that burn out is real and that I was once again on that path. I have a very hard time shutting off work so it felt great to be in poor cell service area where I was actually forced to shut my phone off. 

Blue Mountain Adirondacks Kristen Dax Hiking
Blue Mountain Evan and Dax Creek

It really does do your heart, body and soul some good, when you unplug and spend time with those you love most, uninterrupted. They say that the days might seem long but the years are short and I couldn't agree more. The past year has been a whirlwind but I feel incredibly lucky to do life with my husband and pup. Everyday is an adventure and something to be thankful for.