Wake up early. Drink coffee.

I am absolutely in love with the quote below, but I have no idea who quoted it. If anyone knows for sure, please leave a comment below so I can credit this person. 

Wake up early. Drink Coffee. | Watercolor Handlettering by Hello Monday Design

Right now my husband and I are going through a season of change. Change is good though and we wouldn't have it any other way. Through this season of struggle and growth, we've come to realize that if you keep the faith & determination, good things will happen within the right timing.

Often the hardest things we have to go through, like waiting, are the best things to experience. We're taught to be patient, to believe in something higher and to simply let go and live. 

In the process of waiting, I've personally learned to hustle a little bit harder. Lately I've been getting up at 4am to pursue something that I'm whole heartedly passionate about, de-cluttering our home (getting rid of anything that isn't joyful or useful) and spending more time with my pup, on the ground playing and snuggling. 

Life is so precious and I will say it over and over and over again, live it fully. Let go, let God take you where you need to be and live. Inspire others, motivate others and always keep the faith that whatever is meant to be, will be. Oh and it doesn't hurt to work hard either. :-) Focus on the things you enjoy, with a cup of coffee in hand, and forget the rest. 

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