Week 7 - Untitled (In Progress)

It's been a crazy week ya'll! I was having major car issues, my tenants sink was clogged and the hubby is away for work. So I had to turn into Wonder Woman and learn some new things. Thank God for YouTube with fixing the sink and my Uncle for helping fix my car.  Now that I can breathe, I took full opportunity to de-stress and paint. For week 7 this little 8x10 seascape painting is in the works. I'm hoping tomorrow I can finish this one up. Here are some progress shots... 

Acrylic Painting Color Pallet
Hello Monday Design Acrylic Painting Progress Snap Shot
Hello Monday Progress Shot Acrylic Painting
Messy Color Pallet
Progress Shot Acrylic Painting by Hello Monday Design

This painting needs so much more work and although it's hard to share an unfinished piece, I know it's beneficial to show you the behind the scenes and the process. My process is very basic, in which I decide on a color pallet and then work up layers upon layers of color. Right now I'm not totally loving this piece but that is how I know it's not anywhere near done. When I can't layer anymore and I have that gut feeling that it's complete, that is when I know it is finished. It has to feel right. 

So there you have it! Week 7 of the 25 week art challenge.