Hello Monday - Think Happy. Be Happy.

There has always been something about Mondays that I loved when most people dread it. Maybe it's a fresh start, a clean canvas, revitalization after a restful weekend or a brand new day to do something that you're passionate about. 

Hello Monday Quote - Think Happy. Be Happy. | Watercolor Handlettering | Watercolor Painting | Hello Monday Design

Monday's don't always have to be dreadful if you have the right mindset. So today let's focus on thinking happy, so that we can be happy. Focus on the little things because in the end that's what truly matters. 

This week's goals

1  |  Finish up personal project

2  |  Deep clean the house

3  | Work on 2016/2017 Calendar 

4  |  Continue working on Summer 2016 Collection

5  |  Paint a mini seascape

Here's hoping that I can accomplish everything on this short list! Dax has definitely shaken up my normal work routine. He needs love and attention or else someone's shoes get eaten. Seriously! 

I hope you all have a great week.