2/30 - Peonies

Eucalyptus Peony Bouquet | Floral Painting by Kristen Laczi | 30 Paintings in 30 Days

This mornings paint session started out a bit rough. I had plans to paint another lotus but was not feeling it. So I put on my calm meditation music, turned on my salt lamp and decided to diffuse Eucalyptus oils. Then it came to me... Eucalyptus! 

This plant is known to be a purifying plant, removing negative energy, easing symptoms of colds and is often used in yoga or meditation to clear the mind. No wonders why I love this scent so much, it's so relaxing! 

So for day 2's painting, I went with with a Eucalyptus bouquet with some pink/peachy peonies. These colors make me happy and excited for spring. 

Do you diffuse essential oils? If so, which scent is your favorite?