Week 11/25

Last week I was totally MIA from social media and the blog because at the last second I decided I needed a rest week. The weekend was kicked off by a mini getaway to the Adirondacks with my hubby and fur baby. Although I mostly paint seascapes and tropical florals, my home and heart is in the mountains. That's where I go to escape the daily stresses of life and the only place that can truly bring me down. Here are a couple photos from our little trip. (BTW our puppy, Dax, was named after the Adirondacks because we love it up there so much. It's where my grandparents (and immediate family), parents and then Evan and I camped. To top it off it's where Evan and I got engaged and married! We can't wait to someday bring our littles to this little piece of heaven.)

Rocky Mountain | Adirondacks | Hello Monday Design
Rocky Mountain | Adirondack Mountains | Hello Monday Design
Bald Mountain | Adirondack Mountains | Hello Monday Design
Bald Mountain | Hiking | Adirondack Mountains | Hello Monday Design
Bald Mountain | Dax the Lab Shepherd | Adirondack Mountains | Hello Monday Design

When we got back from our little trip it was so nice to continue on with resting. Last November I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and a pituitary tumor. Health wise I've definitely had my ups and downs, the past couple of years developing horrible stomach issues and other auto immune diseases, but this last one, affecting my thyroid and whole body, I woke up to realize how important our health is. This is one reason why I stress the importance of rest, eating healthy and getting outside. There's no shame in down time when your body needs it most.

By the weekend I was all rested up and ready to celebrate and stand up in my best friends wedding. Everything about their day was gorgeous and she was STUNNING. The new Mr. & Mrs. were magazine cover worthy, I cannot wait to see their photos. They were glowing happiness and love, it was such a great weekend. 

Now it's week 12 and it's time to get rolling with some new artwork. Because of the holiday and the wedding weekend I'm a bit behind, but tomorrow I will have something new to share.  

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and here's to a short work week! :-)