Our Honeymoon in Hawaii

In December Evan and I jetted off to beautiful Hawaii for our honeymoon. We stayed in Maui for 10 nights and 5 nights in Kauai. Words cannot describe how gorgeous this state is and honestly the pictures don't do it justice. It was by far the most beautiful place we have ever been. 

West Maui
plumeria hawaii flower
West Maui
Hawaii Surfing
Whale watching West Maui
Whale watching West Maui
Habiscus Flowers
West Maui
Geico Hawaii West Maui
Road to Hana Maui
Road to Hana
Road to Hana Waterfalls
Road to Hana Stream
Black Sand Beach Hawaii
Black Sand Beach Maui
Pe'ahi Beach Jaws Maui
Pe'ahi Jaws Maui
Pe'ahi Beach Jaws Maui
Hellicopter Ride in Kuai
Ocean from Hellicopter
Parrots Kuai
Hannalei Bay Kuai
Hannalei Bay Kuai
Walk on Kuai beaches
Kuai monk seal
Santa Hats Christmas December in Hawaii

When we got back home I had such a strong urge to create a new line of art, inspired by the beauty of Hawaii. Then we got the puppy. Long story short, I am so behind in creating new art! Now that Dax (our pup!) is getting bigger, it seems like I am able to get more done. New bright and tropical art will be coming soon!