Love & Light - WIP

Love & Light Seascape Collection by Kristen Laczi

A couple years ago I would have never thought that I would be selling and shipping my paintings worldwide. What once started out as a hobby (that I kept to myself) has grown into something that I am so wildly passionate about. Not only has painting been a great form of self-care, but it's also been a wonderful way to communicate with those who are also seeking peace and calm in their own lives.

This new collection Love and Light is coming together day by day and week by week. It's been by far my favorite collection, as it symbolizes a rebirth within my own personal life. After going through a rough season of doubt, loneliness and continued health issues I literally surrendered it all, stopped over planning and shifted my thoughts and fears back to faith and love.

Our minds are a powerful thing, what you think you will become. We all have passions, wants, and desires, but so often we stand in our own way because of fear. This new collection has truly allowed me to flow into a new season of life, with improved health and a greater outlook on life and happiness. My hope is that these new pieces will also inspire you to surrender your own fears, stop negative thinking and to actively seek love and light every day.