Life lately

Life is Swell | Original Acrylic Seascape by Kristen Laczi

This past week I've been more emotional than usual. I knew it would be a huge change moving to Long Island, but I had no idea that it would be a constant up and down of emotions. Some days are so easy, I'm loving life and then other days I'm sad and feeling completely alone. 

Moving here was totally worth it though. My husband is loving his new job and we simply can't get enough of the beaches. For the most part we feel really good here in which we have adapted and grown to love the area.  

I've struggled a little bit working from home, it can be lonely and I can go days without interacting with anyone besides Evan. I know this just a moment in time, a season of life that will gradually change but yet I find myself mourning the loss of the life and relationships we had back home. 

On a positive note, this little art business of mine has been blossoming into something I've always craved and wanted. I guess with isolation comes about more time to paint! Within the next year my goal is to meet more creatives and participate in local craft fairs and art shows. I think it would help a lot to start socializing and putting myself out there. 

It's time.