DIY Handpainted Ornaments

DIY Handpainted Ornaments with Kristen Laczi

I still can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner! A couple weeks ago I went to Michaels to restock on supplies and while there I got sucked into buying Christmas Decor and it wasn't even Halloween yet! So crazy, but now that Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away I figured it was a good time to get started on some holiday projects. 

DIY Handpainted Ornaments Kristen Laczi

I don't know about you but in my family we always pulled out the holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Instead of Black Friday shopping, we decorated and Mom usually had a huge pot of sugu (pasta sauce) cooking. These memories will stay with me forever and I can't wait to do something similar when my husband and I start a family.

DIY Handpainted Ornaments Kristen Laczi

To get into the holiday mood and to start thinking about how we're going to decorate our new home for the holidays, I thought it would be fun to paint some ornaments. It was so much fun and I absolutely love how they turned out. 

DIY Handpainted Ornaments Kristen Laczi

I'm pretty sure the husband is going to put a big NO on the pink ornaments but they were fun to paint! Usually we decorate with blues/silvers, so I might have to whip up some more of these silver and light blue ornaments. 

If you're interesting in making your own, all the supplies/instructions are listed below. Or if you just want to skip making them, you can purchase mine here

DIY Handpainted Ornaments with Kristen Laczi


  1. Glass or Plastic Ornaments
  2. Acrylic Paint
  3. Paint Brushes
  4. Jar for water
  5. Paper towels
  6. Wax Paper 
  7. Ribbon, Twine or Ornament Hooks


  1. Lay down a sheet or kraft paper to protect your desk
  2. Lay down some wax paper (optional, but I found that when the ornaments are drying they didn't stick to the wax paper.)
  3. Pick out your paint colors, brushes and get a jar of water for washing your brushes off
  4. Take caps off the ornaments & put them aside
  5. Lay all the ornaments out on the wax paper
  6. Mix your colors and get creative! Theres no right or wrong, just have fun with it. 
  7. Let your ornaments dry
  8. Touch up if need be
  9. Put caps back on ornaments
  10. Add ribbon, twine or hooks to complete the look
  11. Hang on the tree and enjoy!
DIY Handpainted Ornaments with Kristen Laczi

There really is no right or wrong to this little DIY project. As long as you're having fun that's all that matters. I've also seen others put acrylic paint into the ornament and shake them up. That's another option if you want a more minimal solid color design. 

While I was working on my ornaments, I put a layer of color down on each of them and then let them dry before adding another layer of color. It took some time, but I really love how they turned out. 

If you're interested in purchasing some of my ornaments, click here.

Happy Holidays!