Hello Monday - Good Vibes Only

Monday arrived way too fast. Seriously, where did the weekend go?! Does anyone else feel like time is speeding up faster and faster? Maybe it's the warmer temps, the business of the week or maybe we're just having such a great time that we aren't even paying attention to time. 

Hello Monday | Good Vibes Only | Watercolor Painting & Handlettering by Hello Monday Design

As a new week begins, whatever might be going on, keep the good vibes from the weekend flowing. It's amazing how one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day or even week. Let's not get caught up in the stupid little things that might bring us down  (I know easier said than done at times) and let's focus on letting things go. Negativity is not good for the soul and it often breeds more negativity to others around you. So let's spread the love and keep the good vibes going. :-)