Just Start

Before I post any artwork, so many emotions go through my head. I feel nervous, excited and scared all wrapped into one. Sometimes fear gets the best of me and as of lately I am learning to just let go. Let go of negative emotions, thoughts or feelings and just let it be. There will be some people that like your work and some people that wont. That is what makes all unique! We all have different tastes and styles and that's ok. 

Just Start | Watercolor Handlettering Quote | Hello Monday Design

I've always been an artist since a young age but have always been afraid of sharing my work. This year it's time to change that! If there is something that you want to pursue, then you have to step it up and put yourself out there. 

How many other artists out there feel the same? Join me in my 25 week art challenge on Instagram (and this blog too!) and just start. 

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