Our Adirondack Wedding (Part 4)

When Evan and I started wedding planning it was overwhelming, emotional and downright stressful. Every venue that we looked at didn't speak to us and there was very limited areas in the Buffalo area that gave us the feeling and style we were going for. The best decision we made was to do something different. To elope to one of our favorite places, that holds so much meaning to us. The best part was that we had our closest family and friends there with us. We of course wanted to have more people there, but we stuck to our guts and had the intimate ceremony & celebration that we always dreamed about. 

If you missed part 1, 2, and 3 you can catch up by here. Below are the mountain top photos we had taken the day after our wedding. Of course those that could join us, did! I must add, prior to the hike, we all met at the Doughnut Shop for doughnuts and coffee to power us up. 

Doughnut Shop Eagle Bay NY
The Doughnut Shop Eagle Bay NY
Bride hanging her dress
Bride's Dress in Tree Adirondack Wedding
Adirondack Wedding Rocky Mountain Day After Photos
Adirondack Wedding Rocky Mountain Day After Photos
Adirondack Wedding Rocky Mountain Day After Photos
Adirondack Wedding Rocky Mountain Day After Photos
Groom and friends
Bride and friends
Wifey Sweatshirt Camo Hiking Boots

After our hike back down the mountain, we all didn't want to leave to go home just yet. So we headed back to the beach where we go married and spent the day kayaking, canoeing and playing in the water. Words cannot describe how wonderful this experience was.

Just Married Bride and Groom

If there is any advice I can offer to new brides and grooms to be, is to just be yourself and to follow your heart. If a big wedding doesn't feel right, don't do it. There are no rules as to what is right and wrong, if you truly do what you want, you will be incredibly happy on your wedding day. I promise. 

When we first sent out the invitations for our small destination wedding I was so worried that people would be upset but then I quickly got over that because this was OUR day. Our day that we would remember forever. We definitely have no regrets and wouldn't change a thing. 

Just so we included all our friends and family, we decided to throw a big party as our reception a month later. Again it was very simple, dancing, hors devours, drinks and games on a small private lake near our house. And it was a bonus that I could wear my dress again! It was perfect and everyone had a blast. I'll be sharing those photos next week. 

In the meantime... here is our wedding video that I put together for our celebration party.

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