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WIP - New Series - Feeling Blue

Work In ProgressKristen LacziComment
Blue watercolor florals by Kristen Laczi

My emotions have been up and down this past month. A couple posts back I mentioned that at times I feel lonely, even though I insanely love Long Island. It's been a lot of change within the past year and although sometimes I get down, I know that this is just a moment in time and that these lows that I experience will soon fade away. Life is changing and it's all for the better. I've never been so inspired before and it's such an amazing feeling to know that the possibilities are endless. In Buffalo I felt like I couldn't grow anymore, but here in Long Island I feel like it's just the beginning of something great. 

This new series is inspired by my highs and lows, using cool colors but making them appear warm and fuzzy at the same time. "Feeling Blue" will be a mixture of coastal elements, florals and of course... palms! I'll be working solely with watercolors because I love the mess and the colors they create when they bleed together.

Blue Watercolor Florals by Kristen Laczi
Blue watercolor florals and palms by Kristen Laczi

These process shots aren't final pieces but sketches of what the series is going to look like. It feels great to just let loose and play, trying new techniques and color pallets. Although I usually paint bright and fun, this new collection is quickly becoming my favorite. 

Messy paint brushes Kristen Laczi

To see more work and behind the scenes, hop on over to instagram and say hello. 

WIP - Feeling the Blues

Work In ProgressKristen LacziComment
Kristen Laczi Palm Leaf Work In Progress - Feeling the Blues

This year I've experienced more growth than I ever did in Buffalo. Back home I always played it safe, hardly ever showing my work and hiding behind my old business name. This year I've been putting myself out there slowly, with my real name, across various platforms and have been watching my work slowly evolve due to the environment that I currently living in. 

I cringe looking back at some of my older pieces, but that's all about the process! Progress is always better than perfection. It's amazing to see where I came from and where I'm headed as an artist. I've been so inspired by life on Long Island, especially all the nature out East in the Hamptons and Montauk. 

Next year I want to get involved in craft shows and hopefully get my work in some of these beautiful Hampton homes! Thats the goal. I enjoy painting for myself, but lately I have been keeping my potential clients in mind. What would they want to see or decorate with? 

So this next month I'll be painting with the classic hues of blue. I'm striving for pieces that are a bit more upscale (compared to my bright tropical colors) with a mix of elegance and fun. 

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